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When should I replace my spark plugs?

When should I replace my Spark Plugs? 

Many manufactures recommend replacing Spark Plugs around 80,000 miles for optimal fuel economy, reliability and performance. The best way to  prevent Spark Plug failure is to replace them before they go bad. You wouldn't wait until your flowers were dead to water them, right? The same principle applies to your Spark Plugs! Your vehicle manufacturer actually recommends a specific mileage to replace them, this prevents your engine from running poorly, due to Spark Plug failure. At DK Motors we will make recommendations regarding your Spark Plugs during our signature 34 Point Courtesy Inspection. This way as we service your vehicle year after year, you don't have to worry about things like that becoming past due. Old worn Spark Plugs can typically cause one or more of the following six symptoms. 

  • Poor acceleration
  • Engine idles roughly
  • Engine surge or has hesitation
  • High fuel consumption
  • Engine misfires
  • Trouble starting your car in the morning

Spark Plugs are part of the engine's ignition system. It's always best practice to service the entire ignition system while replacing your Spark Pugs. You wouldn't water your flowers without making sure there was enough sunlight for them to be healthy, right? At DK Motors we are making sure we shed light on all aspects the service we provide. You deserve best practice service and repairs. That way everything that needs service gets service, and nothing gets serviced that doesn't need it. All service and repairs come with our industry leading 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. 

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